My Summertime Survival Tips and Advice

Friday, June 3, 2011

Now that the weather has been hotter than fish grease its time to switch your game up ladies. I put together a list of tips and advice for summer time survival in the chocolate city. You are more than welcome to agree or disagree I'm just giving my view on how I roll lol.

1. SHAVE, SHAVE and SHAVE AGAIN: Please shave your legs, underarms, chin, and your pandora box lol. This should really be done year round but lets pay close attention to shaving during the summer. When its hot outside you tend to sweat and hair holds on to sweat and makes it smell funny. There's no reason why you should walk around trying to look cute with hair under your arms with white deodorant balls hanging on for dear life. Keep it shaved and smooth.

2. MOISTURIZE YOUR SEXY: Please be sure to put lotion, baby oil or vaseline on your body. I prefer to use Johnson's Baby Oil Gel with Shea Butter its the No one like to see ashy feet, elbows, arms or legs. Now that youre rocking a cure pair of sandals please put lotion on your entire foot paying special attention to your toes and heel area. You can be cute with ashy ass feet, where they do that at lls?

3. UNDERGARMENTS: This is such a huge deal to me because I see it everywhere I go. If you are going to wear light or white colors please make sure that you have on black undergarments. Do you really think its cute to wear white line pants with red boyshorts? No, Boo Boo it isnt you will look a hot ass mess. Invest in a different versions of black underwear so that you can pick and choose. If you are a  little thick with it and you still want to wear tight fitting clothing do yourself a favor and invest in Spanx control top underwear. It will hold you down trust me.

4. Makeup: I don't feel the need to wear a full face of makeup during the summer months because I don't like the heavy foundation on my skin. During the warm months, I ditch the cream foundations and switch to a liquid or tinted moisturizer. Right now, I'm in love with MAC's Pro Long Wear Foundation and Hard Candy Tinted Moisturizer. Both of the products that I mentioned are very lightweight and gives me just enough coverage. Now is the time to wear bright, vibrant colors leave the dark, gloomy colors alone. Don't be scared to rock a bright, bold colorful eye and neutral lip or a bold lip and neutral eyes. Its time to change up your nail polish also go for something playful and eye catching. I love wearing pinks and oranges during the summer it looks so great with my skin tone.

5. Fashion: Lets start off with shoes, please make sure that they fit you. I hate seeing females wearing heels or sandals and their feet are hanging off the back or their toes are hanging off the front. That means that your shoes are too small and you need to step you shoe game up ASAP. I love wear cute dresses, jumpsuits and rompers during the heat I love to add fun fashionable accessories to make m y outfits stand out more. I have to finish my look off with a sexy pair of sunglasses, I buy mine from H& M or Forever 21.

I hope that you enjoyed my tips and advice!!!!!!!! BESOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ms. Viva Glam said...

Funny but true, I love your tips. It's a pain shaving in the summer but I love the results.

Trina J Makeup said...

Great makeup tips! Your skin definitely needs to breathe in the summertime...lightweight, sheer makeup is the solution. Thanks for sharing :)

Kenya Ortiz said...

Thanks Ladies, I really appreciate your support.

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